Dan Harmon discuses difficulty in pleasing all types of Star Wars “nerds"

Producing any new project in the Star Wars universe is an unnerving experience for writers and directors. Even die-hard Star Wars fans like Rian Johnson have felt the effects of the Star Wars fandom at their worst. Everyone has their own opinions on Star Wars, from George Lucas to Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon.

In preparation for friend Michael Waldron's upcoming Star Wars project, Dan Harmon discussed the IP's dangers. Essentially, making any Star Wars project requires balancing the opinions of two hordes of fans.

Dan Harmon on Star Wars nerds

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Michael Waldron discussed his love of the Star Wars IP. Even when it comes to his work on Marvel projects like Doctor Strange 2 and Loki, Star Wars is always an influence. The writer also praised the production credits of Kathleen Kennedy, saying:

“Star Wars! Indiana Jones! [Kathleen Kennedy], she’s made so many of my favorite movies. To get to collaborate with both of those entities is a dream come true. I grew up a pro-wrestling guy, probably more of a Star Wars guy, but my love of Marvel came from the movies.”

However, when it comes to the fans of Star Wars, a balance is required that other franchises don't require. In the interview, the outlet spoke to Waldron's friend Dan Harmon who has often collaborated with the writer. Dan Harmon said:

“Star Wars is definitely sticky because if you make a certain brand of nerd happy, you’re actually middle fingering an adjacent breed of nerd. f you take it too seriously, you’re doing it wrong. If you don’t take it seriously enough, you’re definitely doing it wrong. It needs that total joy of the greatest franchise ever, along with a kind of swagger. I do think that Waldron would make a good match for that, but I don’t know if he would make a good match for the machine that’s carrying that stuff.”

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