Daisy Ridley reportedly discussing future Star Wars appearances with Disney

Since 2015's The Force Awakens brought Star Wars back from the dead, Daisy Ridley has been the face of Star Wars. As the actress behind Rey Nobody-Palpatine-Actually-Skywalker, Ridley provided a strong performance for the new generation of Star Wars.

Daisy Ridley could be coming back as Rey

In a report by Giant Freaking Robot, Ridley is reportedly in talks with Disney about reprising her role as Rey. The report states that these talks are in early stages; there's no statement about whether Ridley's return will be theatrical or television based.

From the report, it seems that Disney are currently attempting to make sure the character of Rey is available for future projects. As Disney is going all-in on Star Wars content for their Disney+ streaming service, Rey will likely appear again at some point.

It’s more than likely that Rey's return will be set after The Rise of Skywalker, if she does return at all. With her new name, lightsaber and purpose, Rey has a lot to do in the Star Wars universe. If other reports about Rey's son are true, there's an intriguing story to tell.

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What other characters could return?

Disney's reach essentially means every character could return in the future. Well, except those portrayed by deceased actors. However, just because Disney wants characters to return for a flood of Star Wars content doesn't mean they will return.

In the past, Finn actor John Boyega has stated that he won't be Disney+’d following Rise of Skywalker. In fact, it appears that a lot of Rise of Skywalker actors are very unhappy at the state of their final movie. After all, it wasn't exactly good... at all.

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