Cryptic tweet hints major Loki writer may soon depart

A cryptic tweet could hint that one of the major writers from Loki may be leaving. The tweet sent by head writer Michael Waldron, is cryptic in nature and could mean numerous things. 

Loki’s first season just ended, signaling the next major plot point in the MCU. The show also lost one of its directors, after Kate Herron confirmed she was leaving the show over the weekend. With one director already on the way out, it’s likely Disney doesn’t want to lose another member of staff so soon. 

Loki Season 2 won't be the same

Considering how well received the first season of Loki was, it’s likely Disney will want to hold on to as many staff members as it can. The first season holds an average Metacritic rating of 74, and a user score of 6.5, which is impressive for the first season of a show. 

Things could be set to change though, as Disney has confirmed season 2 but it may have to return without one of its head writers leading the creative. 

“End of file”

The tweet, which Waldron sent out at the weekend (July 17), features a screenshot from Loki that reads “end of file”. Some fans are translating this tweet as Waldron subtly hinting his departure from the TV series. It also could just be that he was also confirming the end of the first season. 

As far as tweets go, it’s pretty cryptic. However, we wouldn’t recommend getting too upset about this tweet as Waldron is in a long-term deal with Disney. He could move on to other Disney projects, but this seems unlikely considering the relative success of Loki so far. 

Work on the second season already seems to be underway. As one of the other writers, Eric Martin hinted he was working on the next season. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Martin confirmed he was “already working on what’s next.”

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