Charlie Cox Daredevil return reportedly already shot for She-Hulk

Marvel's Netflix shows were a mixed bag. While shows like Daredevil rivaled the quality of the best MCU movies, there was also Iron Fist. However, the shows mostly got one thing perfect: casting.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil was a pitch-perfect decision from Marvel and Netflix. Not only was the actor great as an everyday Matt Murdoch, but he brought the action perfectly when it was required. Thankfully, rumours point to the character returning very soon.

Charlie Cox is in She-Hulk, not as Daredevil

Recently, it was reported that Marvel is looking to keep about half of the Netflix shows' actors for the MCU. These actors include Charlie Cox, John Bernthal and Krysten Ritter. A new reveals that Cox has already shot a scene for his MCU appearance.

Reported by Everything Always, Cox has filmed a scene for the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ show. The report states that the actor was on set in Atlanta on April 30th. However, Cox isn't technically Daredevil in his cameo but instead just Matt Murdoch. Considering She-Hulk's career as a lawyer, it makes sense that the two would cross paths.

Everything Always aren't the only outlet reporting on the actor's MCU debut. In a piece by Geekosity, it’s stated that Marvel is saving Matt Murdoch's vigilante days for a future, theatrical project. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll see a return of the amazing Netflix costume for the character.  

Currently, it's only been reported that is cameo appearance for the She-Hulk series. Considering Marvel's love of a slow build up, this isn't surprising news. However, it's not clear if the MCU's Matt Murdoch is already the devil of Hell's Kitchen in the MCU. This wouldn't be anything new: Spider-Man is already an established street-level hero in his MCU debut.

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