Black Widow cut ending had the closure Natasha Romanov deserved

The character of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was one of redemption. Even in the character’s final chronological scene in Avengers: Endgame, Natasha Romanov is trying to redeem herself for years of wrongdoing.

This theme of redemption continues in the titular Black Widow movie from earlier this year. In the film, Romanov finally destroys The Red Room for good, freeing every Widow in the process. At the end of the film, Widow enters a Quinjet presumably to meet with Steve Rogers. However, that ending was going to be very different.

Cut Black Widow ending completes Natasha Romanov’s arc

Posted online by a group of fans, the cut ending of Marvel's latest film shows a much more emotional ending. In the ending, Natasha Romanov returns to her childhood home in Ohio for a trip down memory lane.

Upon her arrival, there's a group of kids playing outside. One kid wears Captain America's shield; another is (probably begrudgingly) Hawkeye. However, one girl in particular is acting exactly like Black Widow, cementing her as a hero among the people. The girl notices Romanov and sticks out her first; Romanov does the same with a smile.

Instead of the released ending that just shows a lead into Avengers: Infinity War, this ending shows us something new. After a decade of Romanov being treated as a backseat Avenger, her first movie shows that she is a hero on the level of Thor, Hulk or Iron Man.

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Why would they cut this?

Marvel movies cut scenes all the time. Even Avengers: Endgame cut scenes for time; fans have long adored a cut scene with Tony and Morgan Stark. However, the removal of this Black Widow scene does feel like a bad decision.

This cut scene feels like a true completion to Black Widow’s arc, not just for this movie but in the MCU as a whole. With this version of Natasha Romanov, you get the feeling that she died knowing that people have faith in her.

Black Widow is available now on Disney Plus. The movie releases on Blu-Ray and DVD this September.

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