Andrew Garfield wants to fight Tom Hardy's Venom in new Spider-Man movie

The release of Spider-Man: No Way Home has reignited the love for Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. After fans got to watch the new multiverse movie, fans fell back in love with the underrated Spidey star.

This has led to a massive fan call for Garfield to reprise his role in a would-be Amazing Spider-Man 3, or to cameo again in the future. As it turns out, the actor is not only open to the idea, but is on-board with some of the crazier fan campaigns as well.

Andrew Garfield wants to play Spider-Man again

In an interview with The Happy Sad Confused podcast, Garfield finally opened up about his appearance in No Way Home. The last time the actor appeared on the podcast, he was vehemently denying his appearance in the film.

The actor said that “love permeates” and that the fan fervour over his return as been “very touching and deeply moving”. Furthermore, Garfield explained that he was excited to give his version of Peter Parker a solid conclusion to Amazing Spider-Man 2’s cliffhanger.

“When we finished my second Spider-Man film, it petered out,” he said.  “There was disjointedness there. So, for me, coming back and getting more time to have fun with and to give the character some closure, to play and be the version of Spider-Man I was always wanting to get to, and to be with Tobey and Tom... that was healing."

The actor explained that he is very open to “moving forward with the character”. He said: “, I am definitely open to that. It would have to be something very unique, very special, and of service to the audience and the character."

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Amazing Spider-Man vs Venom

When asked about how he would like to return to the role, Andrew Garfield explained that there's limitless possibilities. Compared to both the MCU and the Raimi trilogy, Garfield’s Spidey duology was always more fantastical. With that in mind, there's no limit in the direction they could go.

“I think there's something playful and unique and odd and unexpected to be done," he said. "I'm not sure it is, but if we can figure it out, that would be so much fun."

When asked about his thoughts on fans wanting him to battle Tom Hardy's Venom, the actor responded positively. “That's a cool idea!” he said.

However, he also added that he would “love to continue working with Tobey and Tom” before concluding that “it's hard to want more right now".

Andrew Garfield has consistently proven himself as a fantastic actor, despite the failings of his Spider-Man series. If Sony does bring back the actor for his own Spidey film, it would be a chance for the company to make up for their past mistakes.

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