Amazon Music Unlimited offers six months of Disney Plus to try and get you interested

Spotify and Apple Music competitor Amazon Music Unlimited isn't the most well-known streaming service. Despite being tied to one of the world's largest corporations, the service is widely seen as too confusing.

For example, Music Unlimited is just part of the Amazon Music brand. While all Prime users can stream from Amazon Music, you'll have to pay extra for Unlimited access to all your favourite songs.

Amazon isn't backing down, though. In order to continue their growth, the company is packing in six months of Disney Plus with their music service to entice new customers.

Get Disney Plus free with Amazon Music Unlimited

Announced yesterday, new and existing Music Unlimited customers can get a free subscription to Disney Plus. New customers will be treated to a six-month subscription to Disney's streaming service. Meanwhile, existing customers will only get a three-month subscription.

Unfortunately, AMU subscribers already subscribed to Disney Plus will not benefit from this deal. However, there's nothing stopping you from making a new account to nab six months of free Disney Plus.

At the same time, Disney is pushing new titles from Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Currently, the service is premiering new episodes of Loki and Star Wars: The Bad Batch every week. Furthermore, 100 new titles will be coming to Disney Plus every year.

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Is it worth it?

In the face of the industry's cacophony of music service, is Amazon's offering any good? Well, it's certainly not a bad service, although it's not the go-to service for many.

As of now, Amazon Music as a whole has 55-million confirmed subscribers. However, the current subscriber figures don't differentiate between free users and full Unlimited customers. Free users only have access to around 2 million times; Unlimited customers have access to over 75 million.

 Amazon Music Unlimited costs $8 a month or $80 annually.  

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