When is Black Friday 2020 in the UK? How and where to find the best Black Friday deals, gaming deals and tech deals in the UK this year

With lockdown affecting the vast majority of us this year, 2020 dates have become pretty much meaningless as we find ourselves lost in a void wondering what day of the week it is. But with life slowly returning back to normal, we find ourselves itching for a bargain and asking when Black Friday 2020 in the UK is running.

A lot of things have moved or been pushed back as a result of The Virus. But what about Black Friday? When will this reliable day of deals be running? Read on for all the details we know about Black Friday 2020 UK...

Will Black Friday 2020 UK happen?

Yes! We've no doubt that the season of sales will still be massively popular, with deals centred primarily around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, followed by the inevitable stream of pre-Christmas shopping.

However, with social distancing measures in place in the UK, and people remaining cautious of big crowds, it remains to be seen whether physical shops will have massive rushes for savings like they typically do.

Some stores might voluntarily cancel or restrict Black Friday, although the potential to make up lost income makes this unlikely. Or, the government might step in and say they can't start letting in hordes of people.

There will still be plenty of big deals online though, don't you worry!

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When will Black Friday 2020 UK be?

Black Friday this year will be on Friday 27th November 2020.

As is typical these days though, you'll see deals starting way earlier than that. Some retailers try to get in on the action as early as October. "Black Friday Week" is the biggest point of activity, so look out for the best deals kicking off from Monday 23rd all the way through to Monday 30th November 2020.

Despite coronavirus, Black Friday can't really be moved. It has a long tradition of taking place the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which always happens on the fourth Thursday of November.

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Where can I find Black Friday deals?

Here at Stealth Optional, we'll be crawling the web for the very best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in gaming and tech. Sign up for browser notifications and you'll be the first to know when something new kicks off!

A few of the top retailers we'll be keeping our eye on will be Amazon, GAME and Currys PC World.

We'll also be sharing some crucial Black Friday 2020 deals hubs right here, so keep an eye out for those.

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