The WD 8TB My Book Desktop HDD is 50% OFF on Amazon US

Right now, you can order this WD 8TB My Book Desktop HDD for 50% off on Amazon US if you don't mind waiting a little while to get it.

This hard drive is a bit of a showstopper too, both in terms of speed and capacity...and it works with both PC and Mac.

Head straight to the deal by clicking the link below, or stick around for the need-to-knows, plus our own two cents on the hard drive itself.


The WD 8TB My Book Desktop HDD is now only $149.99!

Western Digital, often shortened to WD, is well known as a hard drive manufacturer, offering high-end drives and budget options for gamers.

There's a huge range on offer, including a number of hard drives that work well with next-gen and current-gen consoles, like some of these awesome hard drives for PS5.

But with this beast, what exactly are you getting and why is it such a good deal?

WD 8TB My Book
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Important Specs

  • High capacity of 8 TB
  • A single drive design
  • USB 3.0 Connection
  • Auto backup with the included backup software (also compatible with Time Machine for Mac)

What We Think

For gamers who want to have all their games ready to play at any moment's notice, a hard drive is a good way to go.

Many Steam libraries can be moved to any external drive, but for faster loading speeds, you'll want to ensure that this external hard drive is connected to a USB 3.0 port.

The usage of the USB 3.0 port ensures much faster data transfer compared to a USB 2.0 port, and a USB 3.0 port features a transfer rate of up to 60 MB per second, while a USB 2.0 port features a data transfer rate of just 48 MB per second.

When paired with the 8 TB capacity, this faster data transfer speed could make this drive ideal for both a video editing PC or a storage expansion for a gaming PC.

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Bottom Line

For the price, this is a cracking deal and one well worth considering. Whether you're using it for gaming or find yourself working with video editing, the hefty 8TB of space will certainly come in handy.

And, in true WD style, it looks pretty slick too!


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