The MUSETEX G05S6-HB PC Case is 44% OFF on Amazon US

Getting the best PC case for your system can determine the other components of the PC due to size limitations, The MUSETEX G05S6-HB PC case is a mid-tower PC case that offers RGB lighting and impressive compatibility.

The MUSETEX G05S6-HB PC case is a mid-tower PC case that is 44% off on Amazon, saving buyers $70!

Check out this case with the link below, or continue reading to hear about the specs and what makes this case perfect for larger PC setups!


The MUSETEX G05S6-HB PC Case Now only $89.99!

While MUSETEX isn't as well known PC case manufacturer, the build quality and style of this case is incredible!

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The Important Specs

  • Two Tempered Glass panels
  • Six included 120 ARGB fans
  • ATX Motherboard compatibility
  • Easy Cable Management
  • Two included dust filters on the top and the bottom panels

What We Think

The MUSETEX G05S6-HB PC case looks unique with a honeycomb design which allows for higher airflow to the internal components of the PC while using a steel chassis to offer high durability.

The G05S6-HB PC case is a Mid-Tower PC case, which may not offer as much compatibility when compared to a Full-Tower PC case, which requires a large amount of space but still offers impressive compatibility given its smaller size.

Mid-Tower PC cases usually don't offer support for ATX motherboards due to size limitations. Still, this case offers support for not only an ATX motherboard but also a longer power supply.

This large amount of compatibility allows for PC systems that use multiple GPUs or many storage mediums, such as SSDs and HDDs, to be easily installed in this case, making it perfect for video editors.

As a PC builder that enjoys RGB lighting, this case offers significantly more RGB lighting and can potentially be perfect for PC builders that need to light up the room!

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This is due to the six ARGB fans, three mounted to the front panel, two on the top, and a single in the rear to exhaust.

The higher airflow is powered through the three intake fans mounted to the front panel, while the remaining three fans are mounted to the top and front panel to allow for improved airflow compared to having just a single exhaust fan!

While I personally enjoy RGB lighting, many PC builders and users dislike having a large amount of RGB lighting in their system, and this case allows users to turn off the RGB lighting for the users who may not enjoy the lighting.

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Bottom Line

If you're looking to upgrade your PC case's style, this case may be a perfect choice due to the high compatibility, the large amount of RGB lighting, and the small amount of space it requires in your gaming room or home office.

This case's typical price is over $140, but thanks to the deal currently going on at Amazon, making the new price just below $90 making it a perfect time to upgrade your system!

An RGB filled PC case at a significantly reduced cost!


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