Surf Smarter: Five Reasons You Need To Be Using An Internet VPN (Sponsored)

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an essential tool in any internet user’s arsenal. 

VPNs allow you to surf the web in peace knowing that your browsing data isn’t being accessed by anyone and can even give you a connection boost in some circumstances.

If you’re not already aware of what a VPN does: it forwards all your online activity through another network, meaning that when you’re browsing the internet, your data is completely safe from hackers, data-collecting software and even your own internet-provider. 

VPN usage has grown rapidly in the last few years as more and more people become aware of the many benefits of browsing smarter. But if you’re still not convinced, we’ve rounded up our top five reasons why you simply can’t afford to surf the web without one... 

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Protect your privacy

The web can be a dangerous place even for the most careful of internet users. Online privacy has never been more of a hot button issue, for good reason, and your data is becoming more and more valuable. 

From credit card details to email passwords, you don’t have to search far to find horror stories about people who have had personal data stolen and leaked online. 

With a VPN, you can protect yourself from theft, tracking, surveillance and commercial targeting. Allowing you to browse in peace, safe in the knowledge that your personal information isn’t being harvested and sold to the highest bidder.  

Lock down your data

You may think you’ve got a completely secure connection at home, but what about when you’re out and about? 

Public Wi-Fi can be extremely convenient but it’s also a hacker’s dream, as generally, the connections are unsecured, easy to exploit and offer up unsuspecting targets by the boatload. 

Thankfully, a VPN will encrypt your connection so you can log into any public Wi-Fi without compromising your data for even a second. 

Save money

Did you know that some online retailers dynamically change prices based on your browsing history or location? 

So for example, if you’re frequently looking at flights to a specific destination, the price might actually increase each time you check, or if you’re from a region that is deemed more affluent, you could be asked to pay a premium. 

With a VPN. you can bypass these sinister online retailing tricks and always pay the lowest price possible when booking things like trains or hotels. 

Unlock content

Ever booted up a YouTube video to be greeted by a black screen and the words ‘content not available in your region’? A VPN can make that frustrating moment a thing of the past.

Making use of a VPN will allow you to access content from across the world, regardless of regional restrictions, so you’ll be able to surf the internet with complete freedom. 

Secure gaming

If you’re a gamer, then you’re probably familiar with the term doxxing. If you’re not, it’s when somebody obtains and publicly posts your private information online, usually for malicious reasons. 

While the vast majority of players are simply looking to have fun online, there are those who aim to spoil the party for the rest of us, and that’s where a VPN can really prove its value.

Using a VPN will ensure that nobody is able to access your personal information, preventing immoral people from doxxing or even swatting you when playing online. 

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