Unwrap the fun with Melvor Idle - Epic Game Store's latest freebie

The logo for video game Melvor Idle

The logo for video game Melvor Idle

The Epic Game Store is at it again, turning the holiday season into a digital wonderland of deals and surprises! Amidst their massive sale, they're also doling out daily gifts – one free game each day. Today's treasure? Melvor Idle.

Hold up – don't let the 'idle game' label put you off. Unlike the usual pay-to-win traps that dominate this genre, Melvor Idle stands out with zero microtransactions. That's right, it's pure gaming without any sneaky spending snares.

Melvor Idle offers more than just a free entry – it's an invitation to a world of fun without additional costs (unless, of course, you're itching to check out the awesome DLC packs). It's the perfect companion for multitaskers: work, watch your favourite shows, or survive marathon family Zoom calls with Melvor Idle as your entertaining sidekick.

If you're a fan of RuneScape, you're in for a treat. Melvor Idle is like a single-player idle MMO, chock-full of adventures. Face mighty bosses, explore sprawling dungeons, and engage in relaxing activities like farming and fishing – the choice is yours!

With over 1,100 items and 40 different pets to collect, Melvor Idle is a hoarder's paradise. Best of all, it's a game of leisurely progress, free from the need for quick reflexes. Watch as your achievements pile up, offering a satisfying sense of progress – who doesn't love watching numbers skyrocket?

Epic Game Store's holiday extravaganza is just getting started. Keep an eye on our updates for more free games and jaw-dropping deals. Happy gaming, and happy holidays!

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