How to get a free trial on Nintendo Switch Online: Claim this deal and get 7 days of free Switch Online service

The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console for a lot of reasons. There are great games, you can use it on the toilet, you instantly switch between handheld and docked, you can use it on the toilet, some games have cross-save with Steam, and you can use it on the toilet.

To get the most out of your Nintendo Switch, though, you should probably consider getting the Nintendo Switch Online service.

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This is Nintendo's version of PSN or Xbox Live, and it allows you to fully enjoy the online capabilities of your handheld hybrid.

Good news though, there's a way you can try it out without paying a thing, so here's how to get a free trial on Nintendo Switch Online.

How to get a free trial on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo announced on April 29th that 7-day free trials for Nintendo Switch Online are now available. Better yet, this one is available even if you've redeemed a free trial on your account previously.

To claim 7 days free Switch Online, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the eShop on your console
  • Select the account you want to redeem it on
  • Select Nintendo Switch Online
  • Select Free Trial (this won't be here if you've already done this or already have a membership)
  • Choose the membership plan you want
  • Choose Start Membership
  • Cancel the membership in seven days if you don't like it
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What does Nintendo Switch Online do?

Nintendo Switch Online is good for a few reasons, obviously, it lets you play online, but it also gives you access to cloud saves and some exclusive offers as well.

The most important feature, though, at least for those of us who are full of pain and grey hairs, is the ability to play an ever-increasing library of SNES and NES games on the console. It's great, and nostalgia is a quick way to sell things, but it works.

NOTE: You might remember a previous deal, which allowed you to get a lengthy free Switch Online trial via Twitch Prime. That deal, sadly, is now over - so we'll have to make do with the seven days free!

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