Hard Drives Christmas 2020: Buying Guide, Best Deals Right Now, SSD, HHD, Xbox One, PS4, Next-Gen, and more

Christmas 2020 may be a way off, but if you want to get ahead of the game in your search for great deals on hard drives, you've come to the right place!

Here, you'll find everything from buying guides, advice, and of course, the best deal on the market right now.

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Best Deal Right Now

Take a look below for the latest pre-Christmas 2020 deal on hard drives!

WD 2TB HDD Drive

The WD 2TB HDD Drive doesn't just look amazing, it's actually purpose-built for gaming and provides both protection, and more than enough room to house your favourite titles.

This HDD is only £74.40, down from £89.99 on Amazon, and is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Made from high quality and durable materials, this hard drive is perfect for taking on the go and not worrying about any knocks hurting your files!

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Hard Drive options for Christmas 2020

There are loads of hard drives on the market, but which one should you get for Christmas 2020?

Here's what you can expect from each level.


Even at entry-level prices, most HDDs have around the 2 TB mark for storage, which is a hefty amount for most gamers.

You may miss out on a more 'solid' build, but if you're using one for home, this is really everything you need and more!

Don't Miss Out: Seagate 2 TB HDD for under £70!

More Storage

If you're planning on using an HDD to build an extensive library, and want to ensure it's physically very well protected, then spending a bit more will likely give you that guarantee. 5 TB will be plenty!

Dramatic increase to storage: WD 5 TB HDD for under £120!

Top of the line

Are you all maximising efficiency and potential of your platform? Well, an SSD will be the one for you. They're not cheap, but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to speed. Choose wisely though, as not all will work with next-gen.

More storage & performance: WD 1 TB SSD for under £210!

Hard Drives and Next-Gen Explained

If you're looking for hard drives this Christmas 2020 for next-gen consoles, then you'll want to make sure you're getting one that's compatible. Let's quickly take a look at how it all works.

First off, HDDs are essentially 'older' hard drive tech, and SSDs are like the latest and greatest. HDDs are 'mechanical', SSDs are digital.

In short - SSDs are more expensive, faster, and play a big role in next-gen features, such as super-fast loading speeds. They are also built into both Xbox Series X and PS5.


HDDs are usable, but only for PS4 games.

SSDs can be used to expand storage, however, not all off the shelf SDDs will work with PS5.

PS5 has its own custom, super-fast SSD which has been designed specifically for playing PS5 games.

Xbox Series X

HDDs can be used on Xbox Series X to play Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.

They can also be used to store back-ups of Xbox Series X games. These would need to be transferred to the SSD to be played.

There will be an official 'storage expansion card' SSD for the console, which will greatly increase its storage abilities.

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What should you go for?

If you want to be able to play all your favourite current-gen games on next-gen, then absolutely go for an HDD.

Next-Gen storage expansion appears to benefit more from SSDs, but remember to check their compatibility first!

Looking for something else?

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