Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for less with this early Black Friday deal

The wait is officially over. The next generation of Xbox hardware is here, and it’s glorious.

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the Xbox Series X in our review, and we can’t wait to see what incredible games developers create using the power of this behemoth. 

If you’ve been forunate enough to score yourself a Series X, or a Series S, this winter then there’s one the accessory you simply can’t go without, it’s not an extra controller or a snazzy headset (though those are also great buys), it’s an Xbox Game Pass subscription. 

If you’ve somehow not heard of Game Pass before, it’s Microsoft’s incredible video game streaming subscription service - think Netflix but for gaming and you’ve got the gist.

Featuring more than 200 games, including basically every single Xbox exclusive you can think of, and with a regular selection of new titles added each month, it’s a service that is quite rightly considered one of the best deals in gaming. 

Right now Shopto is offering a 3-months subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for just £24.85, which is down from its usual price of £29.99, ideal whether you’re a new subscriber or just looking to renew.

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Read on for more info about this unmissable deal…

What is Game Pass Ultimate?

Game Pass is available in multiple tiers with, unsurprisingly, Ultimate being the highest. 

Ultimate combines not only a subscription to Game Pass but also Xbox Live Gold, giving you the ability to stream/download hundreds of titles and play online multiplayer on your console in one single fee. 

There are some amazing multiplayer games on Game Pass right now including Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4, making a Game Pass Ultimate subscription a necessity for anyone with an Xbox console.

Game Pass Ultimate is already widely considered one of the best deals in gaming, getting 3-month for just £24.85 only makes it even more of a bargain!

What if I only want a one-month subscription?

Some players like to dip in and out of Game Pass, subbing in short bursts when a title they’re really keen to play is added to the service.

So thankfully Shopto also has a 1-month subscription on sale for just £9.85, down from £10.99.

That’s 10% off, which isn’t quite as sizeable as the 17% off a 3-month sub, but typically when it comes to subscriptions you always get a steeper discount with a longer commitment.

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