Get a box of gadget goodness delivered to your doorstep every month

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Monthly subscription boxes have become a big trend in recent years, but while many services send you a random collection of cheap tat, Gadget Discovery Club does things a bit differently. 

For starters with Gadget Discovery Club instead getting a box crammed full of junk, you get one carefully selected item per box, but it’ll always be something epic!


If you want to know more about Gadget Discovery Club, and get an exclusive discount on your first box, read on below…

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Get 20% off your first Gadget Discovery Club box

We’ve teamed up with Gadget Discovery Box to offer you 20% off your first box if you sign up for a £24.99 monthly subscription.

To get your discount visit the Gadget Discovery Club website, and hit the ‘Get Started’ button, this will allow you to pick your country (GDC ships to the UK, US and Canda), level of tech-savviness and your subscription plan.


Make sure you select the monthly subscription option and then enter discount code Stealth20 at checkout to get 20% off your first box. Then comes the hard part, patiently waiting for your first box to show up!

What’s inside a Gadget Discovery Club box?

Gadget Discovery Club is rather tight-lipped about what items have come in previous boxes so as not to spoil the discovery experience for new customers, but each box comes with gadget picked by the club’s experienced tech buyers.

Each months box could contain a smart home device, music tech, something wearable or a smartphone gadget. Previous boxes have featured items from top brands including Google, Samsung and Philips.


Every gadget you receive comes with a minimum 1-year warranty and a 30 day return period, so you can sign up with the confidence knowing you won't ever get stuck with a dud.

Remember to get 20% off your first box, signup here and use code Stealth20 at checkout.