Early Black Friday Deal: 25% off these mini arcade machines at Zavvi

The gaming world might be abuzz with anticipation for the next generation of interactive entertainment, but new isn’t always better. 

The good people at Zavvi know this so while everyone is furiously refreshing retailers in the hopes of snatching up a new console from the meagre stock available, this retailer is instead offering up a selection of retro mini arcade machines with a very tempting 25% discount.

If you’re after a nostalgic hit this Christmas, or fancy introducing the younger generation to some of the video games that helped shape the industry then these mini arcade machines are the perfect option. 

CLICK HERE TO BUY:Mini Arcade Machines 25% off with discount code ‘RETRO’ at Zavvi.com 

Read on below for more details on this spectacular saving...

How do I get 25% off mini arcade machines?

If you’re planning on nabbing one of these mini arcade machines then you’ll want to make sure you get your 25% off, to do so you’ll need to enter discount code ‘RETRO’ when completing your purchase. 

It’s that simple, just whack in the code when prompted during the checkout process and you’ll save yourself a quarter of the purchase price. Thanks, Zavvi!

What’s included in this deal?

There are a few different mini arcade machines included in this promotion, from a desktop model that plays the iconic Pac-Man to a machine that comes loaded with 240 games - there’s enough choice that you might find yourself scooping up more than one! 

A few other retro goodies are also included in this discount such as a couple of handheld retro consoles and an N64-inspired controller that plugs into your TV and gives you access to 200 different 8-bit games. 

If you’re on the hunt for more bargains then make sure to check out our Early Black Friday deals hub, where we’ve listed the best deals we’ve spotted so far. 

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