Cheap Consoles Amazon Prime Day 2020: Predictions, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more

If you're looking for a great deal on consoles, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is the place to be, especially to get one for cheap!

If you're planning on holding fire on going for next-gen, we've got you covered right here.

Here's everything from what to expect this year, when the sales goes live, and if Amazon Prime Day is too far away, some amazing console deals for you to enjoy right now.

Cheap Consoles Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day usually comes well before Black Friday, however this year it has been delayed due to the pandemic.

We don't have an exact date just yet, but its rumoured to be taking place around September this year.

is UFC 4 on Nintendo Switch PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X PC Google Stadia
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SWITCH KICK: Will the popular console get the Amazon Prime Day treatment this year?

Let's take a look at what you could expect on all the major consoles!

PS4 Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is a great chance to get either PS4 consoles for cheap, but what can we expect this year?

Well, if we take a look at last year we can make some informed predictions. There was a PS Hits bundle which came with Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Let's face it - these are massive, timeless hits which are all must-play titles. With this coming in at just £219.99, you really couldn't go wrong.

The big question is though, could we see another 'hits' bundle this year? If so, what would be in it? Last of Us Part 2 has to make the list!

Lastest PS4 Deals

Take a look below for the latest deals on PS4 Pro bundles.

Best PS4 Deals Pro God of War
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RELIVE THE JOURNEY: Playing God of War in 4K gives it an entirely new feel

There are three deals, all for PS4 Pro with some seriously amazing games - Spider-Man especially so!

Xbox One Amazon Prime Day 2020

The curtain closes on Xbox One X and Xbox One All-Digital Edition, as it has been announced that they will be discontinued.

So if you're planning on getting one of these consoles, we recommend you hurry and grab one while you can! Demand is likely to have gone up, and they are now unlikely to feature as heavily in sales moving forward.

The good news is that Xbox One S will be holding the fort, so we can expect to see some bundle deals with Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Last year we saw an Xbox One S 1TB bundle with two games and a headset for only £199!

Perhaps this year we'll get some new games included, like FIFA 21, Call of Duty Modern Warfare or if we're lucky Assassin's Creed Valhalla!

Latest Xbox One S Deal

Forza Horizon 4 looks fantastic on Xbox One and Titanfall 2 is probably one of the most underrated first-person shooters out there, which you really have to see to believe.

Best XB1 Deals Forza4 Titanfall
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BUNDLE OF JOY! The games are hugely entertaining and worthy of anyone's collection

Nintendo Switch

With titles such as Zelda Breath of the Wild (with a sequel reportedly in the works), and the increasingly popular Animal Crossing New Horizons it's easy to see why this console is in such high demand.

We rarely see Nintendo discount their consoles, or games for that matter, so can we exact to pick up a Nintendo Switch for cheap this Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Nintendo Switch Lite colours
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STEP INTO THE LITE: This less expensive version is the one to watch

While we don't expect the standard Switch to get heavy discounts, typically speaking the Nintendo Switch Lite is where you can save.

The console's only major difference is that you 'switch' it to the TV - it's purely handheld.

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Going for a bundle deal is the way to go, as you'll really be saving if they throw in a game or two.

How to become an Amazon Prime Member

To get access to Amazon Prime Day deals, you'll need to become a Prime Member.

There's a ton of different memberships, including a free trial, which will give you access to the sales when active.

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