Amazon Prime Day 2020 PS5: Deals, Hard Drives, Guide, Next-Gen, TVs, Headsets, Predictions, and more

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is coming up fast, and it could be the perfect time to get everything you need for your PS5 setup.

The PS5 may not be hitting the shelves until Holiday 2020, which would be closer to the Black Friday Sales this year.

However, if Prime Day goes ahead in October, as it's rumoured to be, there is a good chance to take advantage of some of the awesome discounts to be had.

Make sure to bookmark this page as we'll be updating it with all the latest deals for everything-PS5 in the run-up to Amazon Prime Day 2020.

In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the PS5 additions which you could purchase in the sales this year, and of course, some deals you can enjoy right now!

Best Deal Right Now

If you don't fancy waiting for Amazon Prime Day 2020, we've got you covered!

WD 2TB HDD Drive

The WD 2TB HDD Drive is a fantastic choice when it comes to storing your PS4 games, and with PS5 backwards compatibility, it's next-gen ready too.

This HDD is only £74.40, down from £89.99 on Amazon, and has a solid 2 TB of storage. Great for storing large game files, and freeing up space!

High quality, durable, and let's face it, one of the better looking hard drives on the market!

Don't Miss Out: Get the WD 2TB HDD Drive for less, right here!

PS5 Compatible Gaming Headsets

If you want to take advantage of PS5's enhancements to the audio game, then a headset is a great place to start.

Best gaming headset 2020
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AMAZING SELECTION: The choices are seemingly endless with headsets!

A hugely popular item in the sales, headsets can add that extra level of immersion which makes titles truly come alive. With improvements to 3D audio, you can even expect another layer to be added to competitive gaming, with titles such as Warzone or Fortnite.

Amazon Prime Day should have some amazing deals on headsets, from budget to premium, and wired to wirelss.

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Ready for PS5 TVs

PS5 will be able to play games in up to 8K, which is very impressive indeed. To get the absolute most out of a PS5, Sony has released 'Ready for PS5' TVs, however they do carry quite the price tag.

Panasonic 4K TV deal TX 50GX800B
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YOUR CHOICE: Save some money with 4K or go all out with full 8K!

If you're heading for the Amazon Prime Day sales, and want to save money on a quality 4K or 8K TV, you'll be in luck this 2020, as we've seen some amazing deals in the past.

Even a 4K TV will be a great addition to your PS5 set-up, especially if you don't mind waiting for the 8K TVs to drop in price!

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PS5 Compatible Controllers?

PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 DualShock controllers, however only with backwards compatible PS4 games.

To get the most out of PS5 it's best to get a DualSense Controller, which has a ton of new features. These include advanced haptic feedback, a built in mic, and even a more ergonomic and comfortable design!

THE ONE AND ONLY: At present, the DualSense Controller is the best option!
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THE ONE AND ONLY: At present, the DualSense Controller is the best option!

It may be unlikely we'll see any huge discounts on these this year, but we'll keep you updated with all the latest deals when they arise!

Become a Prime Member

If you want to gain access to some of the great deals this year, you'll want to become a Prime Member. It's super straight forward, simple head to the site and pick the right membership for you.

You can even try out a FREE 30-Day Prime Membership Trial right here!

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