Saudi Arabia’s Cyberpunk MegaCity has some extraordinary risks

Saudi Arabia is building a cyberpunk megacity, similar to what we’ve seen in science fiction. But trying to create something we’ve only seen in fiction comes with issues, major issues.

Nerveless, Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, has decided that the country should have a cyberpunk city called The Mirror Line. As expected, the project is already having difficulties.

The problem with Cyberpunk

The Mirror Line was first revealed in 2017, as a major project from Prince Mohammed that will cost $500bn. It’s somewhat expected since The Mirror Line is expected to be a cyberpunk megacity in real life, transforming a part of the desert into a population centre that can hold up to 5 million people.

However, The Telegraph is already reporting on a number of problems with this cyberpunk city project. Officials working on The Mirror Line are reportedly having problems dealing with the prince’s outlandish demands, along with other complaints about a toxic work environment and tight deadlines.

Prince Mohammed has reportedly already gotten the help of various British companies, who will be a part of The Mirror Line’s creation. Naturally, British companies want some of that money and Prince Mohammed is willing to share a lot of it with them. Hopefully, they can also deal with some of his demands and deadlines.

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What to expect from this cyberpunk city

It seems that the report didn’t lie about some of Prince Mohammed’s outlandish requests for his cyberpunk megacity. Apparently, The Mirror Line will be home to forms of entertainment like robots that fight in cages, glow-in-the-dark beaches, robot maids, and flying taxis. Someone should probably tell The Prince that robot taxis are already losing money for companies.

Prince Mohammed has also mentioned how anyone in The Mirror Line won’t be traveling long between parts of the city. The Prince promised that forms of travel won’t take longer than 20 minutes, which sounds insane. It seems that flying taxis are meant to remedy this solution but we doubt this can be done right away.

No official date for The Mirror Line has been unveiled, so don’t expect to travel to Saudi Arabia anytime soon just for cyberpunk megacity thrills. Expect more updates on this crazy project.

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