Intel drone ads patent aims to pollute the night sky with adverts

As technology improves, major companies are looking for new ways to deliver adverts. For Facebook parent company Meta, the future is adverts in augmented reality; Elon Musk aims to put ads in space. However, CPU company Intel has its own idea: Intel drone advertisements to populate the night sky.

Intel drone ads are the future

Reported by Technolite, Intel drone ads are the focus of a new patent by the PC hardware company. With Intel's drone technology already capable of displaying images in the night sky, the company hopes to use its drone fleets to advertise products.

Currently, a fleet of drones can have their individual movements coded to create images or virtual fireworks displays. However, the process can be extremely long-winded and annoying to properly set up. Additionally, the drones can only face their programmed direction.

However, Intel's new patent will make sky advertisements more viable. With its new technology, Intel hopes to make its drones constantly face the direction of large crowds. This will mean that every single Intel drone advert will seen.

Furthermore, Intel drone ads will be able to follow an audience and stay in formation. If there are no nearby people to see an advert, the fleet of drones can move towards an audience without breaking up its image.

how the projection made by the drones is following along with the audience
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Intel drones will be able to find people to show adverts to.

Finally, Intel envisions more than just static billboard adverts for its drone horde. The patent claims that future versions of the technology will be able to display everything from simple text to full videos as well as emit audio.

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More invasive than ever before

Modern audiences are already becoming sick of advertisements. While billboard adverts are typically not hated, the introduction of moving adverts that follow crowds of people would certainly upset people. After all, it's the digital equivalent of being chased by someone handing out pamphlets.

Intel drone ads may end up being accepted for large events sponsored by companies However, the technology being widely adopted for mainstream use just in streets or parks will be heavily criticised. Additionally, it would not be great for Intel's reputation.

Despite the negativity, drone adverts will be a regular thing one day. Whether or not Intel is the one that will make the technology popular with brands is yet to be decided. Nevertheless, more ads in real life is inevitable at this point.

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