Hilarious video mashes together Cyberpunk 2077 and the Super Mario Bros movie

Weird mixes between things that are popular, or at least well known, usually work pretty wonderfully, and we love to see them finding their way around the internet.

Seeing two things you love, or again at least know of, smushed together into one single entity like some horrific chimera can often lead to a good old belly chuckle and a smile on your face.

Sometimes it's just a clever use of modern-day editing to replicate something else.

That's exactly what this strange thing is, and we love to see it.

Have a look at this, the strangest of mashups

Finally, we have an answer to the question of "what if somebody used clips from the Super Mario Bros. movie to replicate the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer?"

That's a question lots of people have been asking, right?

Well, even if you haven't here's exactly what the answer looks like, and you have to give major kudos here to Vincent Coates (Mangerive on Twitter), who really has done a stellar job with this little project, as you can see:

Now, the Super Mario Bros. movie turns 28 this year, which means you might not have heard of it.

Is the Super Mario Bros. movie bad?

So bad.

We'd like to just leave it at that, but it probably doesn't quite cover the depths of badness in the film, so we'll go a little deeper. However, we're not film critics, so play nice.

Right then. The Super Mario Bros. movie somehow turns a lot of beloved characters into weird and often horrifying AU versions of themselves. Goombas and Yoshi are two of the worst offenders, but good old King Koopa is pretty terrifying too. The plot is also utter nonsense in the weirdest way.

The only real redeeming factor is that Mario and Luigi are portrayed by incredible actors who give it their all despite the whole film. It's terrible, but it's actually still entertaining if you like that sort of thing.

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