Cyberpunk 2077 creator shares 5-minute video on what went wrong

It's no secret by now that Cyberpunk 2077 has become infamous in being bug-ridden and full of inconsistencies across the whole game since its launch in December.

While there have been hot-fixes released, fans have wondered what's really next to bring the game back to its high-standards, while enabling next-gen features.

The majority of this was answered in a video released yesterday by CD Projekt RED's co-founder, Marcin Iwinski yesterday, where he detailed what went wrong with the development, and the plans for the game going foward.

With that, here's a breakdown of that video, and what's to come for the game.

The Video

In this five-minute segment, Marcin goes into the scenarios as to why Cyberpunk 2077 launched in the way that it did.

From blaming lack of testing with 'last-gen' consoles and streaming data, to a team heavily focused on releasing the game due to higher-ups wanting a Christmas release.

He also addressed the discrepancies in the PC and console versions, saying that the studio thought "things did not look super difficult at first, but time has proven that we underestimated the task".

It's quite an understatement, especially from reports previous to the game coming out, of crunch, overtime and bonuses being huge KPI's for the team, although they have been granted regardless of the resulting sales and reviews of the game.

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What's on the Agenda?

Alongside his justifications for why the company brought out Cyberpunk 2077 in the way that it did, he also displayed a photo of a timeline that stretches into 2022.

Here, it can be seen of two major patches coming, alongside other hotfixes across 2021, culminating in the next-gen patch around September of this year.

It's a far cry from what the company promised at first, with the next-gen patch coming in late-Jan/early Feb.

But this is however a start to recover what's left of the company's reputation. While Marcin stated in the video that him and the team are taking the issues very seriously, customers who waited and paid full-price for this game are seeing just if these fixes will suffice.

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