Muse Will of the People album to be released as NFT for some reason

It looks like Muse is caught in a Supermassive Black Hole of blockchains, as the band has announced that their new album, Will of the People, is going to be released as a limited edition NFT.

The British rock band’s new album will be their ninth LP and will be eligible for the UK charts, despite Will of the People seemingly being limited by NFT purchases.

NFT albums are a thing

The aforementioned Will of the People album can be purchased via the Serenade platform, which is an “eco-friendly” way for artists, like Muse, to capitalize on the NFT boom. Considering how NFTs are notoriously bad for the environment, the fact that there are now “eco-friendly” ways to get them is amusing.

“Muse have always had a great appetite for innovation and pushing the boundaries of how they deliver their music to fans, so using this technology to elevate the experience of their new album made a lot of sense,” Serenade’s CEO Max Shand told Decrypt.

Unfortunately, Muse is no stranger to NFTs as lead singer Matt Belamy has previously released three songs in NFT form. It will be interesting to see if any songs from Will of the People make it to more accessible streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. As it stands, it seems that Muse fans will need to dive into NFTs to get their latest album.

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Eco-friendly NFTs?

One of the bigger talking points about this Muse NFT album is how Will of the People will be released on an “eco-friendly” platform called Serenade. To be fair, the platform doesn’t force anyone to make a cryptocurrency wallet, a rarity in NFT platforms, but it’s still hard to take that statement seriously.

“All Serenade NFTs are minted on the Polygon [chain], because we value its affordability and eco-friendliness,” Shand told Decrypt. “On Serenade, we bear gas fees on behalf of all users—artists and fans—because we want to replicate the frictionless shopping experience today's customers are used to, and Polygon allows us to do this at scale.”

Muse’s Will of the People album will be available later this month, on August 26.

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