Guuci moves its gross, overpriced fashion into The Metaverse

Gucci has always appealed to the upper class with its fashion sense, so it’s not surprising to see them jump on expensive, modern trends. That trend, following many companies, is the metaverse with the company planning to incorporate a number of online fads into their marketing. That means Web3, NFTs, and so much more.

Buy clothes…in the metaverse?

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, has been eyeing the metaverse for a while, going so far as to dip his toe in the matter before now. Prior to Gucci’s plans for the metaverse, Michele was able to organize an immersive experience on Roblox, which seems to be the major inspiration for the company’s plans.

Michele isn’t just planning to take part in the metaverse for fun and games, as the creative director has plans to be the leader in “digital fashion.” Believe it or not, Gucci wants digital fashion to be mainstream. The fact that this is being said without a hint of sarcasm is sad but also the norm for companies these days.

"Gucci is a leader in physical fashion and I am very confident that it will be a leader in digital fashion as well," Antoni Tudisco, one of the artists handpicked to participate in "The Next 100 Years of Gucci," told Highsnobiety. "I want to see Gucci continue to lean into web3 and NFTs, and continue to leverage this technology to embrace the future of fashion."

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Gucci will host NFT exhibits

There are also plans for an NFT exhibit to take place, which will be hosted by the Gucci Vault. Gucci teamed up with NFT specialists SuperRare to make this happen and they now have 29 artists working on NFTs. It’s, honestly, what we expected from a gaudy company like Gucci.

Gucci artists have already showcased some of its NFT clothes on Instagram, with an exhibit that will be available for viewing on the Gucci Vault's Art Space website. There will also be an auction for these because NFTs are made to make money, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So it’s perfectly in line with what Gucci always does.

"When brands enter this industry they find opportunities to grow, and artists and collectors around the world are enabled to deepen their connection with these companies,” claims Tudisco. “I want to see Gucci continue to lean into web3 and NFTs, and continue to leverage this technology to embrace the future of fashion."

Expect more of this from Gucci since they’re Gucci. Also, their clothes are ugly, NFT or otherwise.

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