Stan Lee NFTs defile the Marvel icon's would-be 99th birthday

When Marvel's beloved Stan Lee passed away in 2018, the news hit hard for comic book and movie fans alike. As the face of Marvel, the loss of “Lucky Man” Stan the Man was a massive blow for the long-running fanbase.

Lee passed at the ripened age of 95, an extraordinary feat. If the comic book figurehead survived today, he would be celebrating his 99th birthday in just two weeks. Of course, companies are using that fact to make money off the name of the deceased icon.

Vile Stan Lee NFTs announced

Announced on Lee’s official Twitter account, now managed by companies looking to profit off his name, a new line of cryptoart is looking to profit off fans’ love for the iconic Marvel writer. Additionally, the NFTs are being pushed as a celebration of Stan Lee’s life.

The NFT line is based entirely around Chakra the Invincible, an Indian superhero created by Lee in 2012. Chakra was designed as a young Indian boy that could inspire Indian children. In the NFT line, the superhero has been aged up.

The collection will feature 7,000 generated images based on “The Chakraverse”. These will include characters from the original comics and animals as well as modified versions. This is so they have more things to sell.

Every NFT will be auctioned off between December 27th to December 29th. This means that the majority of the bidding action will happen on December 28th, the would-be 99th birthday of Stan Lee. Instead of celebrating the life of Lee, crypto enthusiasts will be feverishly bidding on JPEGs based on the man’s creations.

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Other Marvel NFTs profiting off deceased people

This isn't the first time that a major Marvel personality has been used by cryptoartists after their death. Infamously, The Oscars gave every attendee of the 2020 Awards an NFT of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman.

The Boseman NFT was pitched as a way of honouring the deceased actor. However, the cryptoart was quickly discovered to be a reskin of a stolen 3D model. As it turns out, that's not how you honour a person. 

Even worse, as crypto has massive negative effects on the environment, Stan Lee was an environmentalist. While during the 60s “Flower Power” the comic book icon was not keen on the subject, Lee consistently donated to the WWF in his later years. If anything, a line of NFTs goes entirely against Lee’s wishes.

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