Somnium Crypto: What Is Somnium Crypto And How Do I Get Somnium Space Cubes?

Somnium crypto was launched in 2018 but has only recently gained traction. The growing popularity of Metaverse games has created a lot of interest and attention around the project. And it seems like everyone wants to get a hold of some Somnium crypto tokens.

If you are looking to buy some Somnium Crypto and have no idea where to start, then read on. We are well versed in the ways of Somnium.

What is Somnium Crypto?

First, let's learn a bit about the project.

Somnium Space is a social virtual reality world built on the Ethereum blockchain. The virtual world is all about socializing, playing, working, trading goods, and creating content in VR.

Everyone can buy land, build or import objects/content, use avatars & scripts, and monetize their experiences. Your virtual land, avatar and creations are tokenized as NFTs, so you have complete ownership of them.

Somnium Space Cubes (CUBE) is the in-game currency of the Somnium Space virtual reality platform. CUBE is used as the medium of exchange for all in-world transactions, land purchase/sale on, renting, e-commerce, etc.

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How Do I Get Somnium Space Cubes?

Somnium crypto is touted as one of the top Metaverse coins with high potential by some crypto analysts. As of the time of writing, Somnium is the 39th largest Metaverse coin by market cap as per the data from CoinMarketCap.

The Somnium Space Cubes price is $6.72 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $442,491 USD. Somnium crypto is down 6.80% in the last 24 hours. Further, it has a market cap of $84,000,619 USD and a circulating supply of 12,500,000 CUBE coins.

If you would like to buy Somnium Space Cubes, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Somnium Space Cubes stock are currently BitgetGemini, and CoinEx.

To buy Somnium Space Cubes, you need to transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum to any altcoin exchange listed above. You can swap also your Bitcoin or Ethereum to Somnium Space tokens at the Uniswap exchange.

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