Shiba Inu Kraken: Is Shiba Inu On Kraken And How Do I Get A Shiba Inu Kraken Coin?

When you are searching for the best crypto exchange to use, you may want to consider Kraken. The reason for this is that Kraken is currently one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. However, if you're new to cryptocurrency trading, you might find the platform somewhat challenging, since it's made for seasoned traders. Kraken accepts popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (XBT) as well as those that have gained traction recently. That raises a question: Is it possible to trade Shiba Inu on Kraken? Let's get to the bottom of it!

Is Shiba Inu on Kraken?

Short answer: no, not yet but soon will be.

On November 1, 2021, Kraken tweeted to encourage "SHIBArmy" to help it list Shiba Inu on the platform.

The tweet reads: "@brianchoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $SHIB tomorrow - but he doesn't think we can do it. #SHIBArmy where you at?"

Brian Hoffman is the crypto platform product lead at Kraken.

The 2K challenge was easily surpassed. However, 

On November 2, 2021, Kraken said in the thread that it would not add the coin right now. The crypto exchange said there is more work to do in the thorough listing review process.

This is very disappointing news for the Shiba Inu community. Now, they will have to wait a little longer for the Kraken platform to list their precious Shiba Inu coin.

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How Do I Get a Shiba Inu Kraken Coin?

As of now, Shiba Inu is not available on Kraken, but it might be coming soon. Although the platform has not provided an exact date or time for when Shiba Inu will be listed, it is fairly likely that it will appear soon.

When it becomes available, the coin will be added as a fiat currency pair, so you will be able to buy it with U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, and the Japanese yen. The coin will be added to your Kraken wallet, allowing you to exchange it for any of the other coins offered by the platform.

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