Seth Green buys back stolen NFT for $300k for a show no one will watch

Once-beloved comedy actor and writer Seth Green has unfortunately been grabbed by the failing crypto craze. The Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed star was the highlight of numerous headlines earlier this month when a hacker stole his Bored Ape NFT.

Prior to the theft of his primate JPEG, Green was planning to incorporate the ugly, generic image in an upcoming show. However, the hacker refused to give the JPEG back, holding the image ransom.

Did Seth Green buy his NFT back?

Green, a Family Guy voice actor, had a total of 4 NFTs stolen from his crypto wallet. When that NFT was sold to another user without any knowledge of the theft, that asset was his. After all, the blockchain shows no evidence of theft, only the movement of assets.

The new owner of Green’s favourite sh*t monkey picture claimed that he had no plans to return it. However, Green and “Mr Cheese” have seemingly made a deal with the Mass Effect voice actor reclaiming his ape for around $300,000.

Green’s NFT was stolen just days before the JPEG was going to be revealed in a new show: White Horse Tavern. Additionally, other NFTs that the celebrity paid far too much for we’re going to appear as well.

However, with all his apes gone, Green believed he didn’t own the images anymore. This meant that he couldn’t put the images in his show. However, as we all know by now, that doesn’t make any sense.

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The IP rights on NFTs

As we explained over a year ago now, the purchase of an NFT doesn’t actually give you the IP rights to use it wherever you so desire. In fact, that’s not legally stated anywhere as there’s no rights in an open blockchain platform, hence all the hacking.

Instead, IP rights for ugly, crap JPEGs like Bored Apes comes from a faux sense of ownership that cryptobros have seemingly agreed to. However, Green could’ve still used the Ape in his show and called it parody.

Hilariously, with the NFT market crashing, Seth Green may have just been the highest buyer of an NFT in months. With Bored Ape prices plummeting, Green is how the top spender buy a huge amount.

The celebrity has seemingly learned very little from this experience. Despite having numerous NFTs stolen and becoming a social media laughing stock, the celebrity has purchased even more assets. Case in point:

Will these dumb images also be in that show? Probably.

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