PUBG owner Krafton is going all in on Metaverse and NFT technology

The Metaverse buzzword is continuing to spread throughout the world of gaming. While Bandai Namco's Metaverse plans have been making waves this week, another game studio is also working on its own plans: PUBG owner Krafton.

But is Krafton planning for its Metaverse push? And it is worth anything to gamers familiar with its IP catalogue?

PUBG company Krafton wants that Metaverse money

Reported by MSPoweruser, Krafton will be working alongside Asian Metaverse company Naver Z to cash in on both Metaverse and cryptoart trends. Using its established brands — such as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Subnautica — the company hopes to create a “global focused” virtual platform.

Krafton claims that its committed to building “a high-quality UGC-driven open metaverse that stands apart from other services and vitalizes the global creator economy through NFT technologies.” This means that the quality of content in the PUBG company's Metaverse will be almost completely user-crafted.

The upcoming Metaverse project will be created in Unreal Engine. Once created, the virtual platform will then be managed by Naver Z.  The partner will be in charge of managing “the metaverse service and its surrounding community and social services.”

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So, what exactly is this Metaverse?

Just like every other Metaverse announcement, Krafton’s pitch is vague. There's no information on what the project will look like or what users will do in it. Additionally, there's not even any news regarding how it will tie into PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.

There's also the issue of backlash against Metaverse projects, mostly fuelled by negative stories surrounding Facebook's plans for the market. It’s yet to be seen if any mainstream Metaverse attempt will take off, let alone one surrounding Krafton’s IP library.

The idea of a Metaverse is one that has been warned about in media for decades, but company's are happily looking to exploit it. But does anyone actually want this fully VR future?

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