Over 300 NFTs and $400k stolen in yet another crypto hack

Last Sunday, hackers ended up infiltrating Premint, a popular NFT registration platform, and stealing over 320 NFTs. If the theft of ugly monkey drawings only available through digital means wasn’t dramatic enough, the hackers also stole $400,000 in profit, making this one of the biggest NFT-related hacks to happen this year.

How they got away with it

Blockchain security firm CertiK (via Decrypt) claims that these hackers were able to invade Premint last Sunday via a malicious JavaScript Code. Through the JavaScript Code, hackers were able to get a pop-up within the website that prompted users to verify their wallet ownership. While some were able to see through the facade and keep their NFTs, others weren’t so lucky.

As a result, last Sunday alone, the hackers were able to get the hackers collected 275 ETH, or just over $400,000, in sales of all 320 stolen NFTs. Once they received the money, the hackers were able to send the funds through Tornado Cash, a service that pools together cryptocurrency deposits of users and mixes them, to “clean” the stolen cryptocurrency.

While it’s fun to bash people for getting into NFTs, no one deserves to have their money stolen like this. It’s a true shame that it happened and we hope that the people who were robbed are still financially stable.

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Premint responds

On Twitter, Premint addressed the hack and told users that they would try to get better security to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Premint also tried to downplay the incident a bit by claiming only those that clicked on the pop-up ad had some of their money stolen. Still, it’s not a great look for the company and fans are angry over the incident.

Many users are angry that they trusted Premind in the first place and are wondering if they will get their money back. It’s a truly unfortunate incident and one that many NFT users will be reeling from for a long time. This isn’t exclusive to NFT users, as many websites have been hacked from time to time.

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