NVIDIA CMP 220HX could change crypto mining forever with 210MH/s

NVIDIA is set to release a crypto mining processor with a hash rate of 210 MH/s, according to the latest rumours.

As shared by @I_Leak_VN on Twitter, the CMP 220HX would be based on the Ampere A100 GPU and could cost upwards of $3000.

This would outperform all four of NVIDIA's upcoming crypto mining processors by a considerable amount. The CMP 90HX is the most powerful of these four GPUs, boasting an Ethereum hash rate of 86 MH/s.

A100 crypto mining card

Rumours surrounding a crypto mining A100 GPU first began when the Ampere leaker @kopite7kimi tweeted about the A100's mining capabilities.

"A100 is a mining monster," the leaker said, before commenting: "I mean we will meet a new CMP HX card based on A100."

NVIDIA's Ampere A100 is the company's high-end GPU used in its own data centres. It features 40GB of memory, 6912 CUDA cores and a 1.555TB/s memory bandwidth. First released in 2020, it costs upwards of $10,000 meaning it isn't a viable option for crypto miners.

That's where the CMP 220HX comes in.

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NVIDIA will launch its CMP range later this year.


With the A100 specs, the CMP would utilise this immense processing power for crypto mining at 210 MH/s. For context, the GeForce RTX 3090, has an Ethereum hash rate of around 104 MH/s, according to BetterHash. The RTX 3090 is priced at $1499, although scalpers have pushed that to over $2000.

The price point of $3000 may seem pretty high for a crypto mining processor, but it would be, by far, the best mining processor available to consumers, depending on its availability.

Of course, NVIDIA has yet to confirm the existence of a CMP based on the A100. The company is currently focusing on the other variants of the CMP. Given the high demand for mining equipment, it wouldn't surprise us if they released this gargantuan mining card, and change the face of crypto mining forever.

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