NFTWorld Minecraft group vow make their own Minecraft after Mojang ban

The video-based virtual world of Minecraft has been targeted by NFT groups for a while now. Sizeable crypto communities like NFTWorld have used the platform to sell cryptoart using the game’s popularity.

However, Minecraft developer Mojang has decided to crackdown on NFTs in the game, pushing back against scams like BlockVerse. However, this has angered the very vocal NFT fanbase.

NFTWorld will make their own game with NFTs and…

In response to the recent Minecraft NFT ban, NFTWorld has rashly decided to their own game. The group behind the crypto server released a statement condemning Mojang’s decision to ban blockchain products in Minecraft.

The NFT group claim that Mojang’s decision has “completely disrupted emerging Web3 game platforms”. The group claims that Mojang and Microsoft have waged war on Web3.

Within the statement, the group explained that they will be making their own Minecraft, with NFT support. The game is planned to have “very familiar… playstyle, look and feel” to the original product.

Furthermore, the group claims “game mechanics, graphics, performance optimizations and overall improvements will usher in a more accessible, ownable and enjoyable playing experience.” You hear that? Their Minecraft will be far better than that stupid old Minecraft.

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Web2 vs Web3

In the ranty statement, NFTWorld claims that Microsoft and Mojang have taken a stance against Web3. The group claims that this isn’t a statement against the predatory crypto world, but instead shunning Web3 as a whole.

“Make no mistake, this is a web2 vs web3 battle,” NFTWorld said. “It is a battle between two different visions of the future of the web: one that prioritizes shareholder value and profit margins above all else and one that prioritizes the spirit of innovation through independent creators. It is both a philosophical conflict over what the Internet represents, and a technological struggle over who will have ownership of digital assets.”

Obviously, NFTWorld has no idea of the actual nature of Mojang’s NFT ban. Furthermore, the blame is put on Microsoft, a compamy investing heavily in web3 technology, instead of just Mojang who controls the game.

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