Jimmy Fallon peddling NFTs is one of the most embarrassing TV displays since 1927

As time goes on, the idea of Late Night Talk Shows has already become a grating one. The Talk Show genre has led to plenty of embarrassing displays; e.g. Jimmy Kimmel not understanding YouTube/Twitch gaming and the entirety of Ellen. However, none are as embarrassing as Jimmy Fallon peddling his crap NFTs.

Jimmy Fallon NFT clip

As NFTs get more “popular” among its miniscule crowd of whale buyers, celebrities with money to burn are jumping on board. The Morning Show actress Reese Witherspoon, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and others are all peddling the cryptoart in a similar fashion to celebs vending snake oil supplements.

On a segment of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and guest Paris Hilton introduced the concept of NFTs to the masses in an embarrassing display. Over the course of around 77-seconds, the two discussed their entry into the “Bored Apes Yacht Club”.

For those graciously out of the loop, Bored Apes are some of the most popular NFTs. Going for millions, the cryptoart line is simply poorly drawn pictures of Apes with some clothing. Now, I love me a cute monkey; these are minging.

In the clip, Hilton claims that she's “proud of being in this community” and that it's an “incredible thing to be a part of.” The two then discuss that they both bought “an Ape”, claiming that they both relate to their poorly drawn Apes. The Talk Show host explained that this Ape reminded him of himself. He said: “It reminded me of me a little bit because I wear striped shirts, I've worn heart sunglasses... so I've done this.”

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Sucking out the mood like an energy vampire

The self-flagellating display of NFTs has made for some of the most embarrassing seconds of television since 1927. If the subject of the video wasn't enough, Hilton and Fallon’s conversation sucks all of the energy out of the room.

Paying members of the Jimmy Fallon show’s audience respond in a confused manner, not knowing when or how to applause. Even the presenters, pushing their ugly art to the audience act as if they're hovering over a vat of chemical acid. Should we be so lucky.

Even worse, not even the NFT community is enjoying the televised display. One Ape-centric cryptobro explained that the two celebrities discussing their NFTs hurts more than the ongoing crypto crash.

For those who hate NFTs, Hilton and Fallon discussing the topic on air is torturous. However, for NFT enthusiasts, the two middle-aged celebs are actively making their community less “cool”. On the other hand, it's never been cool, but they pretend it is.

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