Immortal Poppy NFTs twist dead veterans’ names into digital collectors items

As the 100th anniversary of the Remembrance Poppy approaches, the crypto industry has discovered its next scheme. To bank on the tradition of World War memoriam, the Immortal Poppy NFT line has been launched.

Created by war memorial charity The Royal Canadian Legion, the traditional paper poppy has been turned into a digital collectors item. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, these new NFTs are also resource-intensive, planet-destroying crypto-art.

What are Immortal Poppy NFTs?

Revealed in a YouTube video, the Immortal Poppy NFTs line is The Royal Canadian Legion’s latest donation drive. Each virtual representation of a poppy flower is taken from scans of real poppies picked from Flanders Field. These scans are then turned into 3D models.

Additionally, each NFT is tied to an individual dead veteran from The Great War. The names of 118,000 deceased soldiers are attached to the digital flowers. There's no indication as to whether these digital items are sold with the permission of living relatives.

On the Immortal Poppy website, individual Canadian veterans are listed as commodities. For example, NFT 2 “is in tribute of Captain Nichola Goddard – the first female soldier to die in combat”. On the other hand, NFT 10 “is in tribute of Thomas Welch who lost his life by suicide attributable to military service”.

Furthermore, The Royal Canadian Legion gives everyone the chance to “search the blockchain for a fallen hero”. Underneath this prompt, the names of every Canadian soldier to fall during the World Wars is displayed.

PSX Immortal Poppy NFTs
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A growing trend

The Royal Canadian Legion isn't the only charity to jump into the crypto-art space as of yet. Hilariously, WWF, an environmental protection charity, recently revealed a series of NFTs to protect endangered species. Meanwhile, the horrendous power consumption of cryptocurrency is quickly haemorrhaging the planet.

This won't be the last NFT line designed by a charity. It likely won't even be the most tone deaf one. Nevertheless, it's horrendous all the same.

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