Game developers universally despise NFTs and crypto games

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are attempting to force crypto into video games. However, they'll have a hard time convincing game developers as the vast majority of creators despise the technology coming to games.

Reported by Eurogamer, the GDC State Of The Game Industry 2021 report revealed that the industry in general is highly negative on cryptocurrency and NFTs. Despite this, some companies — like Ubisoft — are still attempting to jam the technology down gamers’ throats.

NFTs and crypto are hated by game develo

The developer survey report explained that most game developers are against the idea of cryptocurrency coming to video games. A massive 70% of devs asked revealed they were not interested in NFTs. Additionally, 72% were also uninterested in the addition of any cryptocurrency features to video games.

Developers cited numerous reasons behind their negativity surrounding the technology.  Not only were devs against the tech’s massive environmental impact, but also the large number of crypto scams and unconfirmed monetisation.

“I think it is a tech looking for a purpose,” one developer told the survey.  “People will be interested in it as a gamble to make money, but there's not enough of a public demand for it to be an actual currency.”

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Burning a rainforest down

The view on cryptocurrency by game developers was so negative that there were calls to ban the technology from being allowed to enter the gaming space.

One developer said: "We should collectively agree to ban the use of blockchain-based technologies in our industry because of their hugely negative environmental impact.” Another explained “I'd rather not endorse burning a rainforest down to confirm someone 'owns' a jpeg.”

Developers’ responses to the idea of cryptocurrency mirror that of gamers. As Ubisoft, Square Enix and more attempt to peddle NFTs for a quick buck, gamers have been quick to fight back.

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