Doom NFT mod sends those ugly Bored Apes back to Hell from whence they came

The never-ending wave of ugly NFTs selling for thousands, if not millions, of dollars isn't ending anytime soon. However, for those who are vehemently against the current bubble of non-fungible tokens, there’s catharsis to be found in a new Doom NFT mod.

Created as a mod for the 1994 FPS Doom II, NFT Doom does what no other mod in the game's 27-year history has ever done. Now, you can screenshot NFTs all the way back to the Hell from whence they came.

What is Doom NFT mod?

Uploaded on ModDB, NFT Doom is a simple WAD add-on for Doom 2 that allows you to finally take down NFTs. In the mod, players only have a single weapon: a digital camera. The player must then use this camera to take pictures of any NFT they encounter, destroying them.

Instead of the traditional hordes of demonic foes in Doom 2, the NFT mod replaces them with Bored Apes NFTs. Online these cryptobros pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for ownership of a token that claims they own the image, but they never actually own the image.

Much like The NFT Bay, part of this mod’s charm is its criticism of NFT culture. How can cryptobros own the “only version” of an image when they're right here in this game? The answer is: they don't. It's all a ruse.

Additionally, the entire mod is a satirical look on NFT “fans’” feverish rage over “screenshotters” and “right-clickers”. As it turns out, NFTs are reproducible, as is everything on the internet. Right click, save.

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How to play

If you want to play the Doom NFT mod, all you need to do is download the mod and a copy of GZDoom or an equivalent. You will also need a copy of Freedoom, an open source version of Doom to use as a base.

With these files, you can easily load the mod file and play it on your PC. Of course, there are also ways of playing the mod file on Android, MacOS or any modded console with a homebrew Doom port. At this point, you can play it anywhere.

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