Divorced man who chose to take crypto is now regretting his decision

The recent crypto crash has humbled many people who were investing in the currency, with people realizing they need to think things out more. One man found out the hard way how bad the crash is through a recent divorce; he kept the crypto, and she got everything else.

Cryptocurrency leaves recent divorcee worse off

A man wrote to the Financial Times (via web3isgoinggreat) about his divorce situation, revealing he chose to keep his cryptocurrency over everything else. While the man kept his crypto, the ex-wife made off with a lion’s share of the pension, a shared family home, and other investments.

Since the crypto market was high at the time, the divorcee was confident that he made the right choice. However, as the recent crypto crash shows, that was a mistake and the man is now regretting his decision, wondering what he can do.

Naturally, the divorcee wants to renegotiate their financial order but lawyers have told him that his chances are very bad. It will be interesting to see how this situation goes, though we expect the divorcee to accept the loss and try to invest in better things from now on.

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Crypto crash continues to hurt everyone

While the news on what happened to the divorcee is humorous, it goes to show just how bad the crypto crash was. It wasn’t that long ago when many expressed how depressed they were over their wasted investments, with some needing help after considering self-harm.

News like this should open the eyes of people thinking of investing in crypto and maybe not putting all of their eggs in one basket. Maybe investing some money is fine but putting most of your savings is a definite problem, so always have emergency cash.

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