Disney announces WALL•E NFT, spitting in the face of the movie's message

Disney+ Day is upon us and that means the massive entertainment company is revealing a tonne of new projects. Everything from The Spiderwick Chronicles to a collection of new Marvel movies has been announced so far. Additionally, so has Disney's new one of planet-destroying NFTs.

Partnering with NFT company VeVe, Disney is releasing a slew of non-fungible tokens to capitalise on the NFT bubble. The digital collectibles take characters from the brand’s biggest IPs including The Simpsons, Star Wars, Dead Nazi Walt Disney and environmentally friendly WALL•E.

Disney spits on WALL•E’s message

In NFT form, the cute box-shaped robot appears as a lifeless monopoly piece. He sits frozen in time, floating atop a basic pick base and encased in crap gold. Even worse, the adorable environmentally friendly mascot holds his arm out to the sky, looking towards the sun.

Obviously, WALL•E is a very blatant pro-environment tale. The robot traverses an abandoned, waste-filled Earth ruined by excessive hyper-consumerism. As he finds humanity, and the prospect of new life on Earth, humanity must be pushed away from unbridled materialism.

NFTs are the highest form of e-waste excessiveness. As cryptocurrency mining gets more resource intensive and transferring currency to own NFTs sucks up that same energy, we’re quickly approaching the world WALL•E warned about.

By selling the mascot of environmental damage as an item that directly correlates to environmental damage, Disney is spitting in the face of the movie's message.

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They won't stop

Unfortunately, the NFT bubble is only expanding, and it'll continue until it, hopefully, pops. However, for as long as they continue to make companies money, they're here to stay. It doesn't matter if the message of an IP they're selling goes entirely against the point of the product they're peddling. It's not like the customers buying it care anyways.

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