CRYPTOLAND NFT: What Is Cryptolanders NFT And How To Buy Cryptolanders NFT?

As you might know, CRYPTOLAND is the world’s first private crypto island. It will be the centre of the crypto community, a vibrant physical space where people can meet, learn, share ideas, and do business together. Moreover, the creators of CRYPTOLAND have launched an NFT collection called Cryptolanders which offers many perks to the owner. So, let's look into it!

What is Cryptolanders NFT?

Cryptolanders is the official degen-approved NFT collection launched by the CRYPTOLAND team. The NFTs are ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain and will be hosted on IPFS.

The Cryptolanders NFTs are algorithmically generated by randomly combining numerous traits and over 150 rarities, making each one unique and rare in its own right. There are 10,000 Cryptolanders NFT in total featuring the Bitcoin mascot. According to the team, 9,940 will be standard Cryptolander NFTs that cost on average about 0.11 ETH (about $350).

In addition, there are 60 ultra-rare NFTs called King Cryptolanders. King Cryptolanders NFTs are distributed to those who own a real piece of the island’s exclusive residential area on the Blockchain Hills. Each parcel of land is 1 acre in area and is currently sold for 319 ETH.

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How to Buy Cryptolanders NFT?

The Cryptolanders and King Cryptolanders NFTs offer their owners several benefits. For instance, holders will have access to the exclusive Vladimir Club as well as voting power for creative and management decisions over the club.

In addition to that, King Cryptolanders NFT holders will have access to the private beach. Moreover, if you buy multiple Kings NFTs (plots of land), you could get yourself memorialized for all eternity in an embedded coin in the walk of fame.

Out of 10,000, 4840 NFTs were given to "eligible" people through a Twitter giveaway in November.Furthermore, the most active people within the NFT space will receive 5000 NFTs and 60 King Cryptolanders NFTs are distributed to people who buy land in the CRYPTOLAND. Finally, the remaining 100 NFTs are reserved for future giveaways.

As you can see, most of the NFTs are given away to members of the community, and only 60 King Cryptolanders NFTs are up for sale. Here is how to buy King Cryptolanders NFT:

  1. Visit the CRYPTOLAND website and connect your wallet.
  1. Choose a parcel of land in the map.
  2. Once you’ve made your choice, type your name and email in the pop-up box
  3. Check the applicable boxes at the bottom.
  4. Click on MINT and you are done. 

Check back here often to find more updates about CRYPTOLAND NFT giveaways!

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