Online, there are lots of spaces where crypto enthusiasts can meet other crypto enthusiasts. However, there aren’t any options in real life outside of crypto conferences or events. Many crypto people want to venture beyond simply discussing crypto on the Internet. They want to meet other people with whom they can geek out about crypto together in person. Where should these people go? Well, there is one place where people with money and a passion for crypto go… and that is… CRYPTOLAND! Let's explore CRYPTOLAND and see how to buy land in CRYPTOLAND?


CRYPTOLAND is the world’s first private crypto island. Yeah, it is a real island; not a Metaverse. The creators believe the island will become the hub for the crypto community, a thriving physical space where people can meet, learn, share ideas, and do business together.

The promised land will be developed on an island called Nananu-i-cake in Fiji. It’s located north of the main island of Viti Levu and it's only 30 min by seaplane from Fiji’s international airport. Therefore, it’s ideally located for travellers to visit the island and enjoy the island’s facilities such as its white-sand beaches, exclusive Vladimir Club, and its tropical climate. 

CRYPTOLAND will feature an array of unique and awesome activities and amenities built around the core mission of providing a crypto-themed environment. It will also have several residential units that will be available for purchase by people who want to live on the island.

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How to Buy Land in CRYPTOLAND?

One of the three core areas of CRYPTOLAND is the Blockchain Hills. Located on the mountain’s crest, the Blockchain Hills is CRYPTOLAND’s exclusive residential area. That means you can own a piece of it and become a cryptolander.

The Blockchain Hills consists of 60 parcels of land (1 acre each). It features multiple “members only” facilities, such as the private marina, the private beach and the exclusive Vladimir Club. Here is how to buy a piece of land in CRYPTOLAND:

  1. Visit the CRYPTOLAND website and connect your wallet.
  1. Pick a parcel of land in the map. Each piece of land costs 319 ETH.
  2. Provide your name and email address.
  3. Check the applicable boxes at the bottom.
  4. Click on MINT and you are done.

Without a doubt, the Blockchain Hills will become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the world. Many investors are already lining up to purchase a lot. In fact, Kyle Chasse, a popular figure in the crypto space, has recently purchased a plot of land in CRYPTOLAND.

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