CRYPTOLAND Island: Is CRYPTOLAND Real And Where Is CRYPTOLAND Island Located?

The whole concept of the CRYPTOLAND Island sounds a bit far-fetched. An island exclusively for crypto enthusiasts with a resort, working hub, residential area sounds too good to be true. With people wondering if the CRYPTOLAND is actually real or not, here are some answers to your questions. Let's dive in!


In short, the CRYPTOLAND is real but not a reality yet.

As of now, the CRYPTOLAND is just a concept of a real crypto island. It aims to be the world's first physical crypto island designed to enjoy a first-class crypto lifestyle.

The idea was conceived by a group of crypto enthusiasts who wanted to create a paradise for crypto enthusiasts where they could work, live, and have fun. As the architectural master plan and island purchase agreement have already been completed, CRYPTOLAND is expected to become a reality within a few years.

The crypto-themed island is made up of three core areas: Cryptoland Bay, House of DAO, and the Blockchain Hills. The island features plenty of activities and places like luxury resorts, a club, a co-working hub, a gym, shops and more.

Moreover, 1-acre residential plots are available for purchase in the form of NFT for those who fancy living in paradise. It is located at the heart of the island and houses the island's one of the main attractions - Vladimir Club.

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Where is CRYPTOLAND Island Located?

The envisioned CRYPTOLAND Island will be developed on a tropical island called Nananu-i-cake in Fiji. It’s located north of the main island of Viti Levu; it’s only 30 min by seaplane from Fiji’s international airport. According to Wikipedia, the entire island is available for sale for around $8–8.5 million USD.

Currently, the team is raising funds to buy the entire island and make it a haven for crypto lovers. Thereafter, they’ll start the real island construction as well as the development of CRYPTOLAND Metaverse (virtual CRYPTOLAND island).

Without a doubt, CRYPTOLAND Island has the potential to become a haven for crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, this crypto-friendly island can also become a great tourist destination in Fiji, attracting people from around the world.

Furthermore, the island can also serve as a great business opportunity, especially if the team can successfully attract large-scale investment projects. Nor do we forget about the huge financial benefits that come with being the first crypto nation.

In fact, the team has already received plenty of positive feedback regarding the project and the proposed CRYPTOLAND. Therefore, let's wait and see how CRYPTOLAND will shape up!

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