Cryptobros collectively scream into the void as another crash kills their future

The second crypto crash of 2022 has already occurred. Following the huge Luna crash that wiped billions of crypto off the market, a second wave has come along to do even more damage. As for the cryptobros affected by this crash? Well, they’re all screaming… literally.

Cryptobros try screaming therapy

With crypto investor stress at an all-time high, screaming therapy has become a new outlet for those who just can’t take it anymore. As crypto prices hurtle downward, a group of Cryptobros founded a telegram group where they could scream out their feelings.

Originally dubbed Bear Market Screaming Therapy Group, now ScreamDAO, the Telegram channel allows those affected by the market crash to have a safe space to scream. The group only allows users to submit voice notes of screaming; everything else is a bannable offence.

In the group, waves after waves of voice notes can be seen. Pressing the play button on any of them results in a pained scream, groan or wail as cryptobros push out their feelings. It’s like Superman’s death cry spreading through the universe in The Snyder Cut.

With almost 3,000 members at the time of writing, the group has already turned into a meme within the crypto community. While some have used the group as an actual screaming outlet, others are posting voice notes that are… not screaming.

Some voice notes are simply rhythmic “eee-eee-eee”s in what can only be described as a Gollum-like voice. Others are almost Ted Talks of why the crypto industry is crashing. One voice note is simply operatic singing.

Just like the crypto market, the entire group is a shambled mess of genuine upset and memes, and it’s only growing.

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This isn’t even the funniest crypto cope

Of course, while cryptobros screaming into the void is rather entertaining — hooray for schadenfreude — this isn’t the funniest crypto coping mechanism. Instead, the funniest coping phase has to go to Goblin Town.

After the particularly nasty NFT crash earlier this year, Goblin Town was created. As a way to cope with gargantuan losses, a Twitter Space was created where people would roleplay as pee-obsessed goblins.

In growling goblin voices, participants would make weird sounds claiming it was time to “eat”. This went on for three and a half hours.

Unfortunately, Goblin Town did end up being a stunt to promote its own NFT project, one that was seemingly popular. However, it’s still a pretty funny way of working through a financial crash.

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