Burger King Crypto: How To Get Free Burger King Crypto And What Crypto Does Burger King Give?

Burger King is one of the most well-known fast-food chains in the world. They are well-known throughout the world for their burgers and fries. However, Burger King has gone a little further than just making burgers and fries. Crypto is now the hottest item at Burger King. The company has decided to offer free crypto as part of its loyalty program. The eatery believes that crypto is the future of money and they want to give back to their customers.

How to Get Free Burger King Crypto?

Burger King recently announced that people who join the BK Royal Perks loyalty program and spend at least $5 using its app can win crypto. After ordering, you should receive an email from Burger King featuring a link. You must follow the instructions in the email to claim your crypto. This means that people who sign up with Burger King will have the chance to earn crypto by simply going through the motions. However, the offer is open only for US residents.

The company has partnered with online brokerage firm Robinhood to give away these digital currencies to a handful of winners. The promotion is valid till November 21 (or until the crypto supply is exhausted). The promotion allows users to win only one prize per day, but they can collect 21 over the course of the promotion. Prizes must be claimed by Dec. 17. To claim the prize, one has to open an account with Robinhood.

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What Crypto Does Burger King Give?

The company said that people who join their Royal Perks loyalty program and spend at least $5 using its app can win Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Ethereum. The eatery announced that the prize pool will consist of 20 Bitcoins, 200 Ethereum and 2 million Dogecoins. That puts the odds of getting a Bitcoin at about one in 100,000. Most people, of course, will receive DOGE.

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