Axie SLP: Can You Buy An Axie With SLP And How Many SLP Do I Need For Axie?

In the past few months, Axie Infinity has established itself as one of the best Metaverse games in the world. Furthermore, it has also proven to be a highly profitable one, especially to the early investors. Today, we will be talking about one of the tokens of Axie Infinity, the SLP token, and the ways it can be used. Keep reading!

Can You Buy an Axie with SLP?

No, you cannot buy an Axie with SLP. To buy an Axie, you need to use the native currency of Axie Infinity - the AXS token.

However, you can use SLP tokens to acquire Axies through the process called breeding. In other words, your existing Axies can be bred to create new offspring. In fact, the primary purpose of the SLP token is to facilitate breeding.

After breeding, you can either sell the offspring on the Axie Infinity Marketplace to make a profit or keep it. Most of the players choose to sell their offspring to earn a profit. After all, the main purpose of the Axie Infinity game is to play and make money.

Buying an Axie could be a confusing process. Go over here to find a guide that will help you through your way.

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How Many SLP Do I Need for Axie?

First of all, it's worth noting that breeding an Axie costs not only SLP tokens but also AXS tokens.

For every breeding, you will need 0.5 AXS tokens. Meanwhile, the amount of SLP tokens required for breeding depends on how many times the Axies have been bred.

The cost of breeding begins at 900 SLP but increases gradually — rising to 1,350 SLP for the second breed, 2,250 for the third, 3,600 for the fourth, 5,850 for the fifth and 9,450 for the sixth.

Finally, a seventh breed costs a whopping 15,300 SLP tokens. Each Axie can be bred a maximum of seven times, and after that, the Axie becomes sterile.

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