Anthony Hopkins NFT Collection is pure cringe for a dying fad

It looks like the NFT market is dying, but it’s a slow death. Despite the rapidly declining market wiping out NFT companies, celebrities are still on board. Case in point: a new Anthony Hopkins NFT collection, a cringe collection for a dying fad.

Why is there an Anthony Hopkins NFT collection?

Partnering with NFT company Orange Planet, Hopkins’ first NFT collection is on the narcissistic side. What do we mean by that? Well, each NFT image is an idealised portrait of Hopkins himself, edited in grandiose ways.

For example, one image shows that actor as a dark Angel, watching over a scorched wasteland. Another shows Hopkins as a being plugged into a system, presumably the central intelligence of something.

Every NFT is about Hopkins’ face being right there. It’s not like when some actors become artists and sell their work, Hopkins is selling him image. Do you really want to buy still images of Anthony Hopkins 3D models?

Even more egregious is the trailer for the Anthony Hopkins NFT collection. From cinematic camera shots to self-flagellating music, it’s hilariously over-the-top.

Hopkins’ NFT launch will start in September. The cryptoart collection will release in three phases: Iconic Category, Legendary Category and Distinguished Category. For the iconic category, the highest bidder will be able to have lunch with the actor.

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The actor believes in NFTs

The Anthony Hopkins NFT collection isn’t the first time the actor has been involved in crypto art. In fact, the actor was involved in one of the first NFT movies: Zero Contact. The movie has an 18/100 on Metacritic.

Speaking at a press conference about his NFT collection, Hopkins claimed “NFTs are a blank canvas to create art in a new format.” The actor also said that he’s “probably the oldest guy in the NFT community and on social media, which proves all is possible at any age.”

However, Hopkins may be late to the trend. In the past few months, the NFT industry has suffered from the effects of the ongoing crypto crash. Will this collection be a success?

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