Yet Another Crypto Pokémon rip-off runs away with over $700,000

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Pokémon is the most popular franchise in the world. Unfortunately, that means there are countless crypto rip-off scams banking off the IP. To the surprise of no one, another Pokémon crypto rip-off has taken advantage of people’s love for the franchise and taken over $700,000.

One would think that the amount of Pokémon crypto rip-offs would be obvious to people by now but that hasn’t been the case. Will this be the last scam that uses Game Freak’s beloved IP? Or will people just keep falling for it since they love Pokémon?

Latest Pokémon rip-off catches them all

According to web3isgoinggreat, PokémonFi is the latest Pokémon rip-off that fooled people and made a neat $700,000 as a result. PokémonFi is a play-to-earn version of the classic game but filled with all of the crypto trappings that people should hate.

Despite being a rip-off not supported by Game Freak, Nintendo, or The Pokémon Company, some people couldn’t help themselves and forked up the money. Now, the game has closed, and whoever the creator is got away with a good amount of money, like other scams in the past.

While it’s not the biggest crypto scam ever, it’s still proof that the system is flawed and people lose money as a result. It would actually take less money to buy a Switch and wait for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to come out.

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Will this trend continue?


Unfortunately, it seems like crypto scams like this are multiplying massively, so more Pokémon rip-offs are probably out there. Seeing these kinds of games take advantage of children or people with gambling/spending addictions is becoming more common and that’s disappointing.

It’s a shame that this happened since Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be coming to Switch in a few months. There’s also going to be a new season of the Pokémon anime that will take place in the Arceus timeline.

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