Cryptobros turn against NFTs as market continues to collapse

NFTs have continued to be a contentious form of “art,” only really pushed by cryptobros and corporations that sell them. However, it seems like things are changing, as cryptobros have seemingly turned their back on these once beloved digital collectibles.

Interestingly enough, it’s not the items themselves they’re turning their back on but the ugly monkey versions that were their mascots. We doubt this is the end for the ugly monkeys or NFTs but it’s good these cracks are finally showing.

Cryptobros now hate NFTs?

An article from Cointelegraph supports NFTs but has told cryptobros to start dropping the ones from Bored Ape Yacht Club. The article claims that Bored Ape Yacht Club is bad for NFTs, even trying to name their benefits and failing.

Continuing on, the article claims that these ugly monkeys are giving critics ammunition to attack them for all these years. Apparently, these items are “beneficial” since they carry things like medical data, something most people can do on their phones.

This has led to some posts online mocking the fact that these pro-crypto websites are now dissing their own “tokens.” Not helping is the dwindling market for NFTs and cryptocurrency in general, which is a real test for those invested.

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Will the ugly monkeys die?

Judging from how expensive they currently are, NFTs will likely remain for the foreseeable future, which is unfortunate but true. Even if the ugly monkeys eventually cease to exist, companies everywhere are still selling them since it’s very easy money.

However, now that cryptobros are turning on these ugly monkey NFTs, it could lead to them refusing similar ones in the future. For the sake of humanity getting better, let’s hope that ends up being the case.

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