Warzone Friends Not Showing Online: How To Fix Call of Duty: Warzone Friends List Error

Playing Call of Duty: Warzone with friends and be difficult when your friends aren't showing online. While errors and Call of Duty are almost as inevitable as a politician not being totally honest, at least in this case, there is hope that we can make things better. It's highly unlikely that you've prepared yourself for a meet-up with your squad, only to find that everyone has ghosted you. More likely, it's an irritating bug that we think has been squashed, only to find it keeps coming back. Today, we'll run you through what to do if you are suffering from a friends list error.

How to fix Call of Duty: Warzone Friends List Error

Like so many of the bugs that appear in Warzone, there is a tried-and-trusted series of fixes for you to try, in order to get the Friends List Error sorted:

  • Restart Warzone. It's the classic, turn-it-off-then-on-again. But there' a reason we suggest this so ofter: it works.
  • Check crossplay. For reasons unknown, there does appear to be a link between the cross-play feature, and this issue. Turning cross-lay off, and then turning it back on, seemingly works for a lot of players with this error.
  • Send a friend request. Another solution that doesn't have an obvious explanation, but does seem to have worked for people, is sending a friend request to a random person. Alternatively, if you prefer to avoid contacting strangers, having an existing friend delta you from their friend list, and send you a friend request, seems to have the same effect.
  • Power cycle your device. As with our first solution, restarting your computer or console can be very effective in fixing errors. So give it a try, and see if it works for you.
  • Restart your router. As with resetting your device, restarting your router can help, in case the error is being caused by an issue with the connection between you and the game server.
  • See if there's a pending update. Errors are often resolved by downloading any outstanding updates for your game or your device. So make sure everything is fully up-to-date.
  • Clear your cache. Corrupted files in your cache are known to cause other errors. So it's well worth clearing the cache, in case there is a broken file causing mayhem.
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If none of these solutions works, there is a possibility that the problem is more fundamental. In this case, you'll need to wait for the game developer to provide a fix. You can keep track of any known issues by following them on Twitter. You can also report a bug using this form, and this will help the developer to identify any common issues, and look to resolve them.

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What's causing the problem?

As frustrating as this error is, there is currently no definitive explanation as to the cause. It's a problem which has appeared before, seems to go underground, and then reappears. As is so often the case, this does seem to coincide with big updates to the game. This frequently hints at a coding issue at the heart of things.

Alternatively, it is possible that this is a coincidence, and that a new update, like a season launch, tends to lead to large numbers of players all trying to play concurrently. If this then puts additional strain on the servers, that might explain the link.

Ultimately, whatever the cause of the error, lately it does seem to be impacting players more frequently. We can but hope, that Activision will come up with a solution soon. But in the meantime, hopefully the fixes we've outlined above, will get you back in touch with your friends.

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