Is Warzone coming to Stadia: Latest release date news

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Call of Duty Warzone is still one of the leading free-to-play titles that has yet to arrive on Google Stadia.

Naturally, though many Stadia fans are looking forward to hopefully seeing Activision’s first-person shooter arrive on the platform. 

As of now, Warzone has yet to extend its battle royale game beyond PC and console.

In the immediate future, Warzone on Stadia looks unlikely, although from a technical standpoint it's not impossible (at least based on comments from Stadia developers).

But will Warzone ever be released on Google Stadia? Here’s what we know about its potential release on the streaming platform. 

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Will Warzone come to Stadia in 2021?

During a Q4 Investor Call Activision confirmed that it has a partnership with Google Cloud and Youtube Gaming to help maintaining its servers and promoting the battle royale as a competitive esport.

However, Activision themselves has confirmed that it will not use Google Stadia’s services, yet. The company is still looking into cloud-based streaming services and how their titles would function on such services.

It's worth noting that back during a GDC 2019 Keynote for Google Stadia, the platform holder mentioned that the game streaming platform could potentially support a battle royale game with up to 1,000 players per match.

So from Google's position, it seems prepared to deal with the huge playerbase that a game like Warzone presents.

For now though, many fans looking to try out Call of Duty Warzone through Google Stadia will have to wait until Activision brings free-to-play shooter to the cloud-based gaming platform.

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